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Noah Seeger Brock

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Noah Seeger Brock, 22, of Lutz, Florida passed away surrounded by family and friends on January 4, 2021. His Mom, his Nanee and his sister, Shea, were allowed to stay with him while he peacefully left this earth. Noah is survived by his Mother, Tracee Brock; Sister, Shea Brock; Grandparents, Jim and Linda Brock; Great Aunt and Uncles (Aunt Karen and Uncle Bruce and Uncle Fred and Aunt Susan)Uncles; Uncle Jimmy (Aunt Carlene), Uncle Jordan (Aunt Erica), Uncle Jarrett Brock. Cousins; Jessica, Brian, Aubree, Wyatt, Brianna, Lucas and Jacob. He is also survived by his Father, Scott Pitcher (Heather) and brothers; Eric Pitcher, Nigel Pitcher, and Tyler Pitcher; and sister, Sophia Pitcher. He has many Aunts and Uncles and Cousins and friends that are also survived by him, including all of his friends at North 30th Pub and Grill. We thank them for all of their help. Noah always had a smile on his face. His first love was baseball until he got older and met his second love, cooking. Noah loved his Mom and his sister Shea with all of his heart. He was loved by many people and if you got to eat a meal cooked by Noah it was a privledge. Noah was always ready to lend a hand to anyone in need and truly just enjoyed life. He will be missed by many. I’m not sure what we will miss most, his hugs or his smile that could light up a room. Rest In Peace our newest Guardian Angel.

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3 comentarios

15 ene 2021

You will be missed by everyone who knew your sweet smile. We pray you rest in peace. Love aunt Karen and uncle Bruce

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Anthony Gamba
Anthony Gamba
14 ene 2021

Nothing but love and respect for my big brother. You always knew how to pick me up when I was feeling out of it. Always knew how to make me laugh. It was a pleasure making all the bomb food in the kitchen with you my guy. TheSauceBoss for life. Till we meet again brother. ❤

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14 ene 2021

Love you always and miss you forever Noey! You took a piece of each of our hearts. XXOO, Aunt Carlene (CaCa)

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