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Rebecca Torres Echavarry

On Monday June 5, 2023 in Tampa Florida, at the age of 57 years old, Rebecca “Becky” Y. Torres Echavarry passed away peacefully after a long battle against liver cancer. She was surrounded by loved ones.

Rebecca was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on December 13, 1965. She was a devoted mother, loving friend, animal lover, and a giving partner. Becky had four daughters and two grandchildren. She was also “Titi Becky” for many.

She resided in Puerto Rico most of her life, and then at the age of 45 moved to Wesley Chapel and then Lakeland, both in Florida.

It would be wrong to say that she lost her cancer battle, because she was a true fighter, she never gave up, not even during her last days on earth. She never stopped being hopeful. Where everyone else would have probably given up by the hardships and tribulations she was confronted with, she always persevered and conquered them.

It is through her that we learn and understand what resilience and perseverance truly looks like. Her smile always brightened every room. Her Pleasures in life were: her cats; her dogs… especially her last pup- Layly; eating her favorite meal… spaghetti; her extensive collection of jewelry; taking her time to look always beautiful… her hair color and nails were on her top list!!!; spending time with friends and family; getting everyone together; and using lots and lots of tape and multiple boxes for her traditional and beloved Christmas’s Presents Game!!!

Rebecca is survived by her partner and friend: Michael Spivey a.k.a. Mike; her daughters: Jaqueline, Candy, Karen, and Monica. Her grandchildren: Jacksiel and Alahia, as well as her mom Carmen, and her siblings: Zoe, Hector, and Rosami.

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