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Luis Valverde

Luis M Valverde was 56 of Springhill, Fl passed away on Friday December 23, 2022.

Luis was born in Dominican Republic in August of 1966, the son of Francisco Valverde

and Teresa Alvarez-Boronat. Luis is survived by his wife Marisol Valverde and sons

Luis D Valverde and Gabriel M Valverde. Luis had two older brothers Frank Valverde

and Luis Valverde who he enjoyed spending time with and reminisce on old times. He

was a fun and outgoing person. One of his best attributes was socializing with family

and friends. He loved taking family trips with his wife and kids. On his spare time, he

listened to all types of music and loved playing his congas; and boy did he enjoy

watching sports. His passion was going out there to make the money as he said, he

loved it so much that even when he started to decline in health, he was still willing to go

to work. Luis was one of a kind. His family and I will miss him dearly Luis will continue

living in our hearts until we meet again.

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