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Laurie Cahill

Laurie Jeannette Farris Cahill

March 1, 1960 – November 30, 2022

Laurie went to be with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, on November 30,

2022. Laurie is survived by her children; Ryan, Amanda, and Donnie, her

siblings; Dewey, Debby, Kevin, Allison, and Julie, four grandchildren, and

too many others to name in this huge family. Laurie was a graduate from

the very first class at Pinellas Park High School in 1978. She loved to hang

out with friends at the beautiful Clearwater Beach. Laurie loved everything

70’s, the greatest decade for music and fashion. She loved feathered hair

and a great tube of lipstick. I’m sure everyone remembers her love for

denim clothing. Denim skirts and denim jackets never went out of style for


Laurie’s true love was music. It was her outlet, and it made her happy and

free. She enjoyed going to concerts and wearing the latest concert T-shirts.

This was when she was the happiest. Laurie played vinyl records for

everyone back in the day. If you weren’t a fan of Fleetwood Mac, Peter

Frampton, Styx, and Stevie Nicks, Laurie would make sure you became

one! Peter Frampton Comes Alive was kept alive by Laurie.

The cats. Don’t forget her love for cats. Laurie had a special bond with all

cats. Her favorites were Patches, Sammie, and Kitty the kitten, just to name

a few. Aunt Jo, the family Chaplain, was able to bring words of comfort to

Laurie and the rest of the family while Laurie was in Hospice care. Aunt Jo

made sure Laurie was in touch with Jesus Christ. Laurie lit up like an

excited teenager when it was time for her to have her first sleepover at

Hospice. She loved her “Hospice slumber parties”. Aunt Jo and Debby

were able to attend the slumber parties with her. Although Laurie was the

first one to fall asleep at her own slumber parties. Everyone knows that

Laurie was fashionably late to everything, but she was not late meeting

Jesus on His time. Laurie was blessed that her children and all her siblings

were able to see her before she went to the Lord.

The family is thankful for Hospice and the Loving care that they provided

for Laurie. They are also thankful for the endless supply of Hospice cookies

and coffee.

A Memorial Service will be announced at a later date.

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