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Juan Fernandez

Juan Rivera Fernandez, 71, of Riverview, Florida passed peacefully surrounded by his family on

November 21 st , 2022. Juan was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, and raised by parents Ana Rivera

Delgado and Florencio “Flor” M. Delgado. Juan spent much of his childhood in Chicago, Illinois,

which he considered his hometown.

He is preceded in death by both of his parents, Ana, and Flor, as well as his beloved aunt,

Illuminada “Lulu.” He is survived in death by his wife, Un, and daughters, Ilia (Gideon), and Tai


Juan is a veteran of the Gulf War. He served honorably in the United States Army, and upon

discharge from the service, established and maintained small businesses with his wife. He

enjoyed building relationships and friendships with community members and was active within

the VFW and American Legion. He was the first to offer a helping hand to his neighbors and

those in need.

Juan married the love of his life, Un, in 1986. They welcomed their first daughter, Ilia, in 1988,

and youngest daughter, Tai, in 1994. Juan was a jack of all trades and known for being well

versed in nearly any subject. He was charismatic and easy to converse with. He enjoyed home

improvement and was known to always be working on a project of some kind. Juan enjoyed

both creating and appreciating music and played instruments such as the saxophone and

trumpet. He lived as if all his various interests and hobbies came with ease.

At Juan’s request, there will be no funeral or memorial service. Instead, it is requested that

family and friends remember him as he was: carefree, spontaneous, and fiercely loyal to those

he loved.

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