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James E. Austin “Jim”

James E. Austin (“Jim”), age 73, of Tampa, Florida, passed away peacefully August 4th, 2021. Preceded in death by his parents, Vernon and Leona Austin, Judy Laribee (sister), and Michael Austin (brother). His memory will be cherished and kept alive by his wife of 42 years, Linda Austin; daughter, Therri Midlam; daughter, Madison Austin; Grandchildren, Jayden Leto, Nayelli Austin, Avery Mathews, Amina Maddox and Nahlia Maddox; his sisters, Ruth Ann Raub, Sandy Salyer, Vicki Krafcik, Tony Austin, Tammy Austin, Rebecca Austin; and brothers, John Austin and Robert Austin and numerous nieces and nephews.

Jim was born August 5th, 1947 in Marion, Ohio. He moved to Tampa, Florida in the 60’s where he met his wife, Linda. He worked hard for many years as a roofing contractor before retiring early due to an injury from a roofing accident. He enjoyed camping, fishing, going to amusement parks, going on road trips and anything that involved the outdoors. Jim loved his family and was happiest when spending time with his grandchildren. He was a devoted husband, dad, grandpa, brother, uncle and friend. His physical presence may no longer be here but his love will live on forever.

The family plans to host a celebration of life in the future. Date and time to be announced.

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Oct 03, 2021

Hello to Jim’s family …I am so sad to know he left us…I loved all my cousins. I remember how we had good times when we were kids. On the farm. I still miss you all. I love you all. Aunt Charlene is the only one left of all the 11 kids on Vernons family of Austin’s. So sad. She will be 86 her next birthday. I try to see hey s couple times a year. I get So busy with my dog sitting. I do get to Marion plenty. Have 5 clients down there. I think of when you all lived on Pearl ST. every time I pass there. I wish you all good li…


Sep 22, 2021

I know Jim was a rock to Linda and the family. He was/ is a very important part to your lives. We will all celebrate one day in Gods Glory. The chain seems broken now but as God calls us one by one the chain will be complete once again. I’m so sorry for his passing.


Robert Cline
Robert Cline
Sep 20, 2021

The family chain is missing another link...but one day we will be joined together at the biggest celebration ever..I'll never forget you Uncle Jim. Kiss the family over there for me.

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