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Dentrell Taylor

My name is Dentrell Taylor. I am 13 years old and lost my battle on 10/04/2022. I have a mother, father, and 6 siblings. I loved making TikTok’s and YouTubes. I enjoyed playing the game and being on my phone. We would all go out as a family and I loved spending time with everyone. I was a very loving child and had a smile and laugh that were so contagious. I have a baby sister and she means the world to me. My baby sister meant so much to me I always called her my world. My mom thinks im going to miss watching her grown up but im going to be her angel and help her from above. I would always include her in my TikTok’s. I loved watching her try and crawl and giving her kisses. Even though I am not here anymore I still come and visit my family in spirit. I’m worried about my mom she’s always so sad so I see her the most. I never wanted to hurt anyone or make them cry I was just sick and now God has me and I’m not sick anymore. I walk with the angels everyday and I’m so happy here. I was in 8th grade and going to graduate this year. I always told my mom I cant wait to go to prom she was going to be so happy. I was always so excited to start high school and go on prom. I couldn’t wait to ask my mom when she could teach me how to drive and was excited to learn. I love to play with kids we would always come up with the funniest games. My mom and dad always tried their best and I don’t want you guys to blame yourselves for what happened. When you cry I come and wipe your tears and comfort you guys. And I want you guys to know I am always with you. I leave little things in the sky for you to see and leave little messages for every one of you guys. I miss and love you guys so much and will continue to be your angel.

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