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Belynda Howarth

Belynda was the one most caring people I have ever met. She was more concerned about your wellbeing than her own. She cared more about everything from the lizard that lived in the mail box to the squirrels and birds to all of our ferrel cats that we cared for every day. She was always more worried about making sure I was happy before herself. I loved her with all of my being and wanted her to be happy, comfortable and safe. I will love her forever and miss her till the end of time.


She was a wonderful mother who always went above and beyond. A caring person who showed kindness to everyone she came across and was always there for you when you needed her. She was always optimistic and full of laughter.



Belynda was preceded in death by her father Louis Haynal and her mother Donna Haynal and her sister Julianna Rubio. She was survived by her son Paul Howarth and her sister Cindy Albino

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