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Alexander Ian Curnutte

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

October 4, 1994 - May, 19 2022

On 05/19/22, one of the brightest lights I have ever known passed away at the age of 27

years old. My heart bleeds and my soul never stops weeping for just one more hug from

the greatest love of my life. If you knew him, really knew him, you felt his love that he

gave so freely to those who needed it. But his spirit was too wild and free to be held

back by this world any longer. He was the most amazing musician who would spend

days and nights creating music just for the pure love of music. He was always being

offered deals but he didn't do it for the money or the fans. Music is what his soul was

filled with and he moved to the sound of music every minute.He left behind a mother,

Molly Curnutte, who will always be waiting for him to walk in the door for the rest of his

life. His Step-Father John "Rick" Curnutte who raised Alex as his own son since age 5,

is left with a void in his heart and the memories of the many days and nights of teaching

him how to swim, skateboard, play football, fish, ride a motorcycle, play hockey and

provided him the ability to have the type of childhood that every father would want for

their son. After his tragic death, he ensured he had everything he would have wished for

to be remembered for the love he brought into this world. Also, a deeply mourning

brother Cade Curnutte who he was closer to than anyone else. He and Cade had a

bond like no other siblings I have ever seen. Cade said it best. "Alex was incapable of

worrying about tomorrow and he forgot his yesterdays and never dwelled. Alex lived in

every moment always and lived it as if it was his last". No wiser words can be said about

him. He lived more life in his 27 years than most people do in 80. He left behind two

beautiful pieces of his light and his love, Carter Griffin and Sophia Curnutte. His love for

them both was beyond words. He loved his children more than life and he loved being a

Daddy more than anything else in the world. He is no doubt with them both now feeling

proud and protective of them both. He also left behind a Grandmother Wanda Curnutte,

An Uncle Donald Curnutte, and three Aunts, Rebecca Mullino, Elizabeth Curnutte, and

Eve Lieberson Curnutte. He left behind cousins Kassidy, Lily, Hailey, and Landon. He

loved everyone in his family. His tattoos read family first and he was determined to keep

his grandfather, Richard Curnutte's, legacy of being there for family always alive. Now

he joins him in what I have no doubt was a joyous reunion.

He left behind the mother of his beloved baby Sophia, Alyssa Denker, and would want

her to know that he will never give up on you so don't give up on yourself. His lifelong

best friend Kenny Marrero was his brother spiritually who he shared everything with.

Alex left behind that represents how he saw life. Goodbye, my sweetest and so beautiful

love of a lifetime. I cannot wait to hug you again one day and never have to let go. I am

grateful for every second I had with you. Mom aka momma Dukes aka Crazy Granny.

"You know my name, not my story. You've heard what I've done, not what I've been


"My music I make is so therapeutic to my soul. I'm elevating to the next level spiritually"

"Take it how it comes n play it how it goes."

"My life is a movie with no script."

"Tomorrow never promised, live every day like it's your last"

"You gotta have morals, be humble, and have dignity. Dignity is the best pose to

assume when under pressure

"Live life live."

"I keep my foot on the gas that's why life goes by so fast"


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